Oral hygiene is important at all ages. Family dentists help you take care of the people you love by treating everyone in your family together, from babies growing their first teeth to grandparents who still have their original pearly whites.

Why visit a family dentist?

Families with children can avoid the hassle of arranging multiple appointments with different dentists when visiting a family dentist together for back-to-back appointments.

Family dentists are trained and qualified to provide oral health care to people of all ages – from young children having their first dental visit to teenagers who need mouthguard protection from sports injury and older relatives who still have their teeth or need replacements.

There are more reasons to visit a family dentist than just saving time. When your children see that you're having the same check-ups they are, it helps to reassure them that there's nothing to worry about.

Family dentists have a strong focus on oral health education and preventative care. During your visit, you’ll be shown the correct way to brush your teeth and be given other oral hygiene advice to help your family support each other's oral health.

What services does a family dentist provide?

Family dentists can provide all the treatments a general dentist does, from check-ups and teeth cleaning to routine procedures such as root canals and fillings, restorative treatments like crowns, implants and dentures, and cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening and veneers.

Some family dentists also provide teeth straightening treatments using braces and clear aligners or may refer you to a specialist orthodontist. Dental x-rays may be used during examinations to help your dentist get a better look at your mouth, though the use of x-rays is limited for younger children.

While a general dentist may provide some or all of these services, family dentists are skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of patients of all ages. This means they understand how the teeth, gums and jaws change at different stages of life, and can recommend the most suitable treatments for every patient.

What's the difference between a family dentist and a paediatric dentist?

Paediatric dentists (or paedodontists) are focused on the treatment of young children who are still growing their first teeth.

If your child has an uncommon oral health condition that requires special attention, your dentist may recommend that you see a paediatric dentist. However, in most cases, your family dentist will have the knowledge and experience to properly care for your children's teeth just as well.

When your children visit the same dentist from an early age rather than switching between clinics, this can also help to build familiarity and trust. This can make going to the dentist a more positive experience for everyone.

How often should I visit a family dentist?

Everyone in your family should have a dental check-up twice a year. Ongoing check-ups give your dentist the best chance to spot problems early on, before they develop into something serious, so you'll be less likely to need a treatment.

If a member of your family is having ongoing treatment such as braces or for advanced gum disease, you'll need to visit more often so your dentist can check their progress and make any adjustments as needed.

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